Listening Library
The Listening Library is a collection of sermons, Sunday School lessons, and lectures that are downloadable to listen to at your convenience. If you’d like to suggest an audio file to be added to the library please email us with the information needed to obtain the file.

Stewardship Lessons

The following three lessons were taken from a Sunday School series on Stewardship by Pastor Keith Sweitzer, Mt Zion Baptist Church in Denver, PA. This series was taught in the Fall 2015.

2016 Retreat Sessions

Below are the sessions from our inaugural retreat, September 22-24, 2016, held at Refreshing Mountain Retreat & Adventure Center, Lancaster, PA. In the session, My Walk With God, Part 1, it is difficult to hear the audio for the first nine minutes but it resumes at a normal tone after that point. Part 1 of Refreshing Myself in the Love of God was not recorded.