Sisters of the Common Life provides the names and ministry information of single women missionaries serving around the world. In 1916, Amy Carmichael began a fellowship of single women who could act as spiritual partners, holding each other up through prayer and service. She named it, ‘Sisters of the Common Life’, and the goal was ‘to help and strengthen in most inward ways those who earnestly desired to follow their Lord with no reserves, no limitations, and with no ends of their own.’ While the ladies listed here would not claim to be present day Amy Carmichaels, we will never know until we get to Heaven the extent of how the Lord has chosen to use women in His service. Think of those women disciples who were the first to hear that Jesus had arose or those women who succored Paul in his ministry. There is a great history of women having served Christ, and there is a great future, as well!

Name: Tabitha Beam
Serving with Silent Word Ministries in Trenton, GA since 2011
Core service: Home office staff, serving missionaries sent through this mission board

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​Short-term mission opportunities: Mission trips to the Deaf Olympics in Turkey; home office volunteers; internships