How did Triple S come to be? In early 2015, Becky Pope and Tracey Craft attended a ladies meeting together. The three ladies who started that retreat had a longstanding friendship, one they wanted to keep alive and active though they lived distantly from one another. They decided to have an annual ladies retreat, allowing them to labor together for an eternal cause. That year they were celebrating the 28th anniversary of their friendship-become-ministry. Immediately, Becky and Tracey thought of their friend, Sandy Rempel, and the efforts they each had made to maintain the friendship that had started over 25 years ago and had spread across many miles and many continents. Both the question and the answer seemed God-given: Q: What eternal impact could our friendship have for others, not just for ourselves? A: Seeing as none of us has ever married, we should start a single ladies ministry. Voila! Triple S Ministries!

We had one more to add to our team, Robin Parton, a friend and mentor to us single gals. Although Robin is married, she has been very sensitive to the needs of single ladies in her and her husband’s ministry and is very passionate about helping all ladies in their spiritual growth.

Together, we are on a mission to assist single Christian women with various aspects of their lives by providing practical Biblical guidance, ideas for service, and fellowship with other single women.